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Death Inc. #1

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Death Inc. #1

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25 November 2017



Comic Book




United Kingdom

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From: United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Story Synopsis:

Stanley Angel is dead.

He makes the decision to drastically change his life when it come to an abrupt end after colliding with a bus. He steps into a world called Afterlife (unsurprisingly) where he discovers that Death has long since been overrun by the job of bringing people in to the afterlife and has been hiring others to help him. Death is now the head of an enormous conglomerate called Death Incorporated. The comic follows Stan as he tries to adapt to life after death.

Death Inc. is a 'slice-of-death' story, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, it acts as a self-aware reflection on life.



Explicit Rating:

Teen +

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Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5


Brilliant and original trip to the afterlife

A wonderfully offbeat and original tale of life after death. Great characters, artwork and writing - it all clicks together for a brilliant comic book. A real gem.

By: EnvisionComicsUK - 07 January 2021 21:43:38


A Great Read

A really enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading the next book.

By: TokenNerd - 07 January 2021 20:59:31


Deathly good

Great book

By: Octodude - 04 April 2020 00:16:16


A great read

I just loved this, great story and perfect art.

By: GDawg - 15 December 2019 16:54:55

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