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Cognition #0

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Cognition #0

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United Kingdom

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Cognition #0 is a 34 page, black & white, single issue comic that follows the exploits of a steam-powered automaton inhabited by a human spirit called Cal and a demonically possessed mouse named Sigma. They battle spirits, monsters and folkloric nasties for the British Occult Secret Service (BOSS) during the 'Golden Age' of the Victorian era.

Issue #0 contains 3 short stories that introduce the main characters, their world and the supernatural laws that govern them.

They Never See it Coming - The BOSS team run sting operations, looking to expose fake spiritualist mediums. The trouble starts when they stumble over the real deal.

The Devil's Fishing Hole - Cal & Sigma investigate when a number of people go missing on Hackney marshes. They get more than they bargained for when they discover truth.

Frame Breakers - A dangerous group of radicals plot the downfall of the British Empire. A dangerous enemy is revealed.

Included in the issue is the BOSS Personnel File, which gives a bit more information about our heroes and a special pin-up gallery from guest artists.

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Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Supernatural steampunk

Black and white supernatural steampunk. Promising introduction to the series

By: Spinneyhead - 01 February 2018 00:03:55


....beautifully dark panels & pages that seem to crackle with the sense of mystery you get in old black and white movies.

By: www.ComicsAnonymous.co.uk - 20 January 2018 11:53:50

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