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Zombie #3

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Zombie #3
"Part 3 (of 4) the Getaway"

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The hordes of zombies gathered outside the highway rest stop have smashed and clawed their way through the plaster walls and reinforced doors, and are now just yards from the few human survivors whose flesh just might sate their relentless hunger.

But that just might be the least of the survivors' problems. The homicidal bank robbers with twitchy trigger fingers are more concerned with their spoils than their survival, and the military doctor who seems to know a bit too much about the undead is acting a bit funny... As greed and survival collide against a horrendous backdrop, a man named Simon Garth just might hold the key to everyone's survival... The undead continue to walk the Earth in this 4-issue MAX limited series written by Mike Raicht, with art by Kyle Hotz.

Collector Notes:

(See also Zombie, The: Simon Garth)

4 issue Mini-Series.

After an army transport has been compromised and chemicals have leaked out, the people whom came into contact with the chemicals become bloodthirsty zombies! Starring Simon Garth as the unlikely human hero in a town full of zombies. The series continues into The Zombie: Simon Garth.

Collected in the Zombie Trade Paper Back.




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