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Zero Hour: Crisis in Time

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Zero Hour: Crisis in Time

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Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)




United States

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Trade Paper Back collection that reprints DC's Universe defining Mini-Series Zero Hour #1-5.

In 1985, DC Comics dramatically altered comics' original universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths - an unforgettable, defining event in comics history that streamlined DCU continuity forever. Nine years later, the heroes of the DCU found the temporal fabric of their new reality unraveling, and the biggest threat since the Crisis was about to be revealed.

This Trade Paper Back collects the landmark Zero Hour: Crisis in Time event. Written and pencilled by Dan Jurgens and inked by Jerry Ordway, Zero Hour chronicles the discovery by DC's greatest heroes of a tidal wave of temporal disruptions, as they band together to combat chronal chaos. A thousand years in the future, other heroes face even greater havoc. Villainy is afoot, as criminal masterminds ten centuries apart try to take advantage of time's shattered visage for their own purposes. But each of them, hero and villain alike, may be nothing more than a pawn in the schemes of the ultimate time villain, whose machinations are on a scale beyond imagining.


Modern Age



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