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Thunderbolts (2nd Series) #1

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Thunderbolts (2nd Series) #1

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A new Marvel NOW! ongoing series featuring Red Hulk, Punisher, Flash Thompson as Venom, Red Leader, Deadpool, Elektra, Ghost Rider and Mercy as the all-new Thunderbolts.

What began as Baron Zemo's plan for world domination became a superhero team comprised of super-villains seeking redemption only to be later reshuffled to act as Norman Osborn's personal hit squad before finally becoming a Government-sponsored prison reform project. Now, revamped again, they serve as General Ross' anti-terror vigilante group.

The series is collected in a number of Trade Paper Back collections:

Thunderbolts (2nd Series): No Quarter (#1-6)

Thunderbolts (2nd Series): Red Scare (#7-12)

Thunderbolts (2nd Series): Infinity (#13-18)

Thunderbolts (2nd Series): No Mercy (#20-26)



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