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The Threat #1

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The Threat #1
"The Beginning of the End of the Beginning"

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01 May 2015

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01 May 2015



Comic Book




United States

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Story Synopsis:


In this issue we are introduced to a much different world. We learn about events that lead to governmental collapse and how a pandemic almost pushed mankind to the brink of extinction...

A tempest in a teapot…

We learn the plight of a new species born in the aftermath, something not quite human. A hybrid species, blending traits from all life. Looked down on by normal humans they are treated as second class citizens and those who can't hide their differences are shunned. This new species are quickly labeled "Virals"

Friends and allies…

We are introduced to Nathan Chase and Kevin Turner, two young men whose trials and secrets have tightened their bond beyond friendship and made them family! We see their desire to help others brings dire consequences, rousing the attention of the authorities and James Givens, the chief security officer and Head of the Viral Task Force for Anitec industries.

And finally who is Dominick Andrews and how will the events of a chance encounter with a truck and its mysterious cargo change his life forever.

Collector Notes:

Originally published in May of 2012, this is a new version with all new artwork and 5 additional pages of story.



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Modern Age

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