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The Superior Spider-Man #33

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The Superior Spider-Man #33

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(See also Amazing Spider-Man (3rd Series))

A Marvel Now! series.

Written by Dan Slott with the rotating art team of Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Humberto Ramos.

When the main long-running Amazing Spider-Man title was cancelled at #700, this re-boot title was launced wherein Doctor Octopus has invaded the consciousness of Peter Parker....

It appeared that with #31 (Jun 2014) this title was cancelled and yet another new Spidey title was started, The Amazing Spider-Man (3rd Series), but the series restarted with #32 in Oct 2014.

The series is collected in a number of Trade Paper Back collections:

The Superior Spider-Man: My Own Worst Enemy (#1-5)

The Superior Spider-Man: A Troubled Mind (#6-10)

The Superior Spider-Man: No Escape (#11-16)

The Superior Spider-Man: Necessary Evil (#17-21)

The Superior Spider-Man: Superior Venom (#22-26, Annual #1)

The Superior Spider-Man: Goblin Nation (#27-31)

There are also the following Hardcover collections:

The Superior Spider-Man Volume 1 (The Amazing Spider-Man #698-700, The Superior Spider-Man #1-5)

The Superior Spider-Man Volume 2 (#6-16)





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