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The Programme #1

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The Programme #1
"Volume 1"

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Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)




United States

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Two Trade Paper Backs collecting Pete Milligan's aclaimed Mini-Series, The Programme #1-12.

The Cold War might have ended in a peaceful way. Given the fact that the two main players I.E The USSR and USA, never engaged into direct conflict. But what happens when a long-forgotten weapon from the communist years awakens, hell-bent on destruction of the United States Of America? His name is The Spirit of Lenin and unfortunately, he is not alone. A group of dangerous super-weapons of the Soviet Union are activated and ready to declare war to America. Regarding this threat to the free world, America sends a CIA unit to uncover their own Super-Powered arsenal that was developed during the Cold War years. Does America have an answer to The Programme? Moreover, what happens when the conventional warfare is outdated and the new weapons of mass destruction wield super-powers? Created by Peter Milligan and C.P Smith for WildStorm this politically-charged Mini-Series poses interesting questions about a conflict thought long-forgotten that threatens the world's history as we know it.


Modern Age



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