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front cover

front cover

The Invaders Annual #1

Seller: Doubleu80

Price: 29.50 GBP

Grading: Near Mint (9.4)

Comment: This book was graded as a NM 9.4 by Mile High Comics

Alex Schomburg Cover (The only one he made in the Modern Age of Comics)

see scan for more detail

Seller's Delivery Information:
1 Comic = 4.20 GBP / 5.75 EUR
2 Comics or more = 7.50 GBP / 10,35 EUR

Shipping to the Netherlands:

Up to 3 comics = 2.50 Euro / 1.85 GBP
4 to 20 comics = 3.50 Euro / 2.60 GBP
20 comics or more = 6.50 Euro / 4.80 GBP

I am willing to give substantial discounts if you buy an entire series/complete run etc..

Please buy more comics to make international shipping worthwhile :-)

Comic summary & Copies for sale

The seller has uploaded these images to show the condition of the item they are selling.

front cover

front cover

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