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The Book of Joshua: Word for Word Bible Comic

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The Book of Joshua: Word for Word Bible Comic


World English Bible Translation

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10 September 2017

On Sale Date:

10 September 2017



Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)




United Kingdom

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Original Front Cover Simon Amadeus Pillario Contact Gem Mint (10) Brand new staight from the Publisher 12.99 GBP
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Additional Information

Story Synopsis:

The Book of Joshua is a 132 page graphic novel from the series: The Word for Word Bible Comic.

The comic presents every word of the ancient scripture, within its historical, cultural and geographical context. It employs a high view of scripture and is aimed at mature readers, primarily aged 15+.

The Story: God's holy nation stands at the very brink of the promised land, but before them lies a seemingly insurmountable task. They must take cities said to be walled up to heaven and defended by giants in a land that devours its own people. The conquest may seem impossible, even suicidal, but after escaping from slavery through a parted sea and living on manna from heaven, warlord and prophet, Joshua is ready to place the fate of his people and himself in God's hands.


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Teen +


Modern Age

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