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The Blue Flame Vol.1

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The Blue Flame Vol.1
"The Blue Flame"


If you saw my face, would you remember me? If you heard my story, would you forgive me?

Series Years:

Cover Date:

28 February 2017

On Sale Date:

28 February 2017



Original Graphic Novel (OGN Softcover)




United Kingdom

Additional Information

Story Synopsis:

This is the autobiography of Rees Finlay, he makes comics……or at least he used to, following a tragic accident his leg barely works, everyone he ever loved has gone and his passion is lost. He is broken. In his darkest hour a mysterious figure appears before him. She is the blue flame, and she is here to lead Rees on a journey though his memories to show him the painful truths that put him where he is now.

Motivations are questioned and loyalty is tested as she forces him to uncover repressed memories, take responsibility for his actions, and make decisions that'll change his life forever.



Cover Artist(s):

Publisher Imprint:

; Publishing

Cover Price:


Explicit Rating:

Teen +


Modern Age

Number of pages:


Member Credit:


Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5



A soulful story that is so honest and real.

By: Comichaus Member - 03 February 2019 08:39:17


Raw and emotional

The story more than makes up for the artwork. Incredibly emotional and honest

By: Comichaus Member - 26 January 2019 18:30:42


Incredible read

This book was highly awaited following support for the kickstarter which was fulfilled within 24 hours. It did not dissapoint, it was everything Id expect from its creator and deserves all the support it recieved in its conception days!

By: Comichaus Member - 12 January 2019 23:16:33


Absolutely raw. An epic comic.

This is an autobiographical comic in the same way a tomato is a fruit: while technically true, it doesn't come close to describing what's actually inside. Rees takes some of his dark days, and even darker thoughts, and lays it out in a way that will effect you deeply.

By: EmporiumPurgatorio - 16 February 2018 14:56:16

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