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The Beano Book #1943

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The Beano Book #1943
"The Magic Beano Book"

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Comic Book




United Kingdom

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The first issue has no date or number on the cover and can be identified from Big Eggo and other characters on a see-saw supported by Pansy Potter.

Beano annuals fall into distinctive categories thus:

The Beano Book 1940 to 1942.
It became known as The Magic-Beano Book from 1943 through to 1950.
The Beano Book from 1960 onwards.

In 1961, the annuals were laminated for the first time which is a protective clear plastic covering. This gives the annual a nice shine rather than the traditional matt finish but there are attendant problems. The laminate can split and lift, sometime in great patches. The laminate often splits or flakes off in the 'gutter' area, the groove on the front and back cover spine area.



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