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The Authority (Series Three - Morrison/Ha Era) #1

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The Authority (Series Three - Morrison/Ha Era) #1

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(See also Authority, The: The Lost Year Reader)

Series only ran for 2 issues and then was relaunched in 2010 under the name The Authority: The Lost Year which ran for a further 10 issues. All 12 issues are listed here as 'Series Three' to keep them in same place

The Authority: The Lost Year is a continuation of the title begun by Grant Morrison and Gene Ha in 2006. Keith Giffen took over writing based on Morrison's notes and was accompanied by several different artists for the 10-issue series which saw The Authority jumping through alternate realities trying to get back to the Wildstorm Universe.

The first two issues were also collected in a single issue, The Authority: The Lost Year Reader to catch new reader's up.


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