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Tales of the Unexpected (2) #1

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Tales of the Unexpected (2) #1

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8 issue Mini-Series.

Writer David Lapham and artist Eric Battle follow the weird and horrific exploits of the reborn instrument of God's wrath, The Spectre, in this 8 issue Mini Series. As the personality of recently murdered Detective Crispus Allen recedes into the shadows, the strange entity known as the Spectre spans both interstellar cosmos and the crime-ridden back alleys of Gotham on his eerie quest to brutally punish those who choose to do wrong.

The Spectre stories from #4-8 are collected in The Spectre: Tales of the Unexpected Trade Paper Back.

The Dr. 13 story arc in the same Mini-Series is collected in the Doctor 13: Architecture and Mortality Trade Paper Back.



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