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Tales of the Batman: Carmine Infantino

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Tales of the Batman: Carmine Infantino

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Hardback (Graphic Novel)




United States

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A Hardcover collection that reprints the celebrated artwork of Carmine Infantino on Batman from 23 issues of Detective Comics plus The Brave and the Bold #172,183,190,194 and DC Comics Presents: Batman #1.

In 1964, DC Comics enlisted artist Carmine Infantino to introduce the ""new look"" Batman. As he had with The Flash and Adam Strange before, Infantino came up with a slick, modern look for the series, making the Dark Knight a creature of the shadows once more. These stories and especially their cover illustrations showcase Infantino's powerful design sense, one that influenced DC's cover artwork for years to come. In addition, Batman's many battles against crime in the streets of Gotham City paralleled the action on the 1966 Batman TV series.


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