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Takion #7

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Takion #7

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ues Series

Josh Saunders, a blind psychologist, was chosen by Highfather to become an elemental of The Source and given the ability to manipulate the Source, because Highfather felt he was ""a man without destiny"" and therefore would not be missed. Highfather named him ""Takion of the Source"" and told him that he must clean a taint from the Source. In reality, Takion was created as an Avatar of Highfather, as a security measure in the event of Highfather's death. In that moment, Takion was able to see everything, all his failures and victories, and time was without boundary. He was even able to foresee Highfather's death.

While trying to deal with the ebb and flow of energy through his body into and out of the Source, Saunders attracts the attention of three heroes: Captain Atom, Wally West, and Kyle Rayner. He defeats all three easily and leaves Earth, convinced that he is a possible menace to the planet.




Modern Age



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