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Superman (2nd Series) #9

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Superman (2nd Series) #9

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For the second time in his history, Superman's self-titled comic saw a first issue.

Writer/artist John Byrne's successful landmark Man of Steel mini series had rebooted Superman's history, updating him for the modern comic book landscape, and as a result, drastic changes had swept through the Superman line of comics.

The original Superman title had adopted the new name, The Adventures of Superman, but continued the original numbering of its long and storied history.

Popular writer Marv Wolfman and artist Jerry Ordway handled the creative chores on that particular title. Meanwhile Action Comics continued, keeping its original numbering, but that too was now written and drawn by Byrne. And last but not least, a new series was introduced, simply titled Superman - again written and drawn by the prolific John Byrne.

Not resting on his laurels after the success of the sweeping changes made during the Man of Steel, Byrne started Superman's new title off with the re-introduction of Metallo, a powerful cyborg with a hatred for the Man of Tomorrow and possessing a kryptonite heart. It was a dangerous new world for the Last Son of Krypton, but the reboot continued to prove an overwhelming success. This second series of Superman became a mainstay for DC - running 226 issues before it ended in April 2006.




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