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Superboy (5th Series) #7

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Superboy (5th Series) #7

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In the last week of August 2011 DC brought their existing line of titles to an end and replaced them with a line of 52 first issues that takes place in a new post-Flashpoint universe.

This title saw the launch of the new DCU Superboy.

First print first issues sold out so second printings followed.

The series is collected in a number of Trade Paper Back collections:

Superboy (5th Series): Incubation (#1-7)

Superboy (5th Series): Extraction (#0,8-12, Teen Titans (4th Series) #10)

Superboy (5th Series): Lost (#13-19, Annual #1)

Superboy (5th Series): Blood and Steel (#21-25, Superman #25, Teen Titans Annual #2)



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