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Strip Aids

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Strip Aids

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UK cover price: 2.50 pounds
US cover price: $3.95

Publisher: WillyProds/Small Time Ink, 1987

Format: Black-and-white magazine with color cover.

Listed contributors include Mark Buckingham, Dan Clowes, Alan Davis, Kim Deitch, Phil Elliott, Hunt Emerson, Melinda Gebbie, Dave Gibbons, Myra Hancock, David Hine, Rian Hughes, David Leach, Jay Lynch, Larry Marder, Brendan McCarthy, Pete Milligan, Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Bill Sienkiewicz, Richard Starkings and more.

The introductory note by Don Melia, who conceived of the project, says all the profits ""will go to London Lighthouse, England's first residential and day-care centre for people affected by AIDS."" Along with AARGH and Strip AIDS USA (which followed a year later), this was one of several 1980s comics projects pushing back against homophobia and advocating for compassion towards those with AIDS. It's a collection of mostly one-page strips and panel gags advocating for safe sex and ridiculing homophobia. It Includes a one-page strip plotted and drawn by Alan Davis (scripted by Richard Starkings) and a one-panel Maxwell the Magic Cat strip signed by ""Jill de Ray,"" Alan Moore's pseudonym.


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