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Starman (2nd Series): a Wicked Inclination #3

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Starman (2nd Series): a Wicked Inclination #3

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Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)




United States

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The third of 10 Trade Paper Back collections that reprint the Starman (2nd Series) title. This collection reprints Starman (2nd Series) #17-27.

The 10 Trade Paper Backs are:

Starman (2nd Series): Sins of the Father (#0,1-5)

Starman (2nd Series): Night and Day (#7-16)

Starman (2nd Series): A Wicked Inclination (#17-27)

Starman (2nd Series): Times Past (#6,11,18,28, Starman (2nd Series) Annual #1, Starman Secret Files #1)

Starman (2nd Series): Infernal Devices (#29-35,37-38)

Starman (2nd Series): To Reach the Stars (#39-41,43,45, Starman (2nd Series) Annual #2 and The Power of Shazam! #35-36)

Starman (2nd Series): A Starry Knight (#47-53)

Starman (2nd Series): Stars My Destination (#55-60)

Starman (2nd Series): Grand Guignol (#61-73)

Starman (2nd Series): Sons of the Father (#75-80)


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