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Spellbinders #3

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United Kingdom

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Spellbinders is a twelve-issue series that reprinted stories with a magic/horror twist from 2000AD (Slaine and Nemesis the Warlock) alongside an earlier strip from another UK comic (Smash!) entitled 'Amadeus Wolf' (a retitled reprint of the Cursitor Doom strips) plus a handful of Library of Death stories from UK horror comic Scream!

Becomes Spellbinders featuring Scavengers with issue #13 Dec 1987

Confusingly, for the UK market, Quality carried on the Spellbinders numbering after issue #12, but the comics just reprinted their other ongoing title 'Scavengers'. The 'Spellbinders' title was dropped after issue #13.

American comic in format

The Editorial Office operated out of the UK, the publisher out of New York.

2000ad reprints



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