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Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #4

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Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #4

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The first of seven separate 4-issue Mini-Series in Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers saga that can be read and enjoyed on its own or intersperced with the other Seven Soldiers titles as originally intended, for bigger impact. This volume contains parts 2, 6, 10 & 13 of the 30 total parts of the Seven Soldiers epic.

Seven Soldiers is a metaseries published as seven interrelated Mini-Series and two bookend issues. The series features a new version of the Seven Soldiers of Victory fighting to save Earth from the Sheeda, a blue-skinned race from the future that first appeared in Morrison's introductory run on JLA: Classified in 2004.

The full list of Mini-Series is:

Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight (parts 2,6,10 and 13)

Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian (parts 3,7,11 and 15)

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna (parts 4,8,12 and 16)

Seven Soldiers: Klarion (parts 5,9,13 and 17)

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle (parts 18,21,24 and 27)

Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer (parts 19,22,25 and 28)

Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein (parts 20,23,26 and 29)

Bookended by Seven Soldiers #0 and #1.


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