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Real Screen Comics (TV Screen Cartoons) #136

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Real Screen Comics (TV Screen Cartoons) #136

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Real Screen Comics was an anthology series published by DC from 1945 to 1959 over the course of 127 issues.

Featured throughout the series run were the characters The Fox and The Crow and although they were the main feature, other stories were published in the series as well including ""Flippity and Flop"" and ""Tito and His Burrito"".

The series title is a reference to ""Screen Gems"" the animation studio that existed from 1940-1946 wherein characters like those featured in the aforementioned comics originally came into being through the form of cartoons.

Real Screen Comics #1 does not exist, it is actually titled Real Screen Funnies #1!

After #128, the series changed its name to TV Screen Cartoons under which it lasted for another ten issues. We have listed them all here together with the actual name in brackets so they are easily searchable



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