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Peter Porkchops #4

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Peter Porkchops #4

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(See Leading Comics #23) (Also see Capt. Carrot)

Regular bi-monthly series up to #59 whereupon the last 3 issues were quarterly.

Peter Porkchops is a fictional funny animal pig who appeared in stories published by DC Comics. Peter was created by Otto Feuer, and first appeared in Leading Comics #23 (Feb/Mar 1947). Peter's adventures mostly consisted of light-hearted fare, usually involving his neighbor A. Wolf (or ""Wolfie"" as Peter called him). Peter became one of DC's most successful funny animal characters, gaining this,his own comic, in December 1949. As a character called Pig Iron, Peter joins the Zoo Crew in Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew in the 1980s.



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