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Outsiders: Five of a Kind: Metamorpho/Aquaman #4

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Outsiders: Five of a Kind: Metamorpho/Aquaman #4

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The fourth of 5 One-Shots that DC put out in October 2007.

In November 2007, writer Chuck Dixon and artist Julian Lopez relaunched Outsiders as a new volume of Batman and the Outsiders with the Dark Knight taking control of the team in the aftermath of the ""CheckOut"" crossover with Checkmate.

In the weeks leading up to the new series' debut, Batman holds tryouts to determine who will be on the team in a series of one-shots called Five of a Kind. Each issue featured a different creative team.

The five One-Shots were:

Outsiders: Five Of A Kind: Nightwing/Boomerang #1.

Outsiders: Five Of A Kind: Katana/Shazam #1.

Outsiders: Five Of A Kind: Martian Manhunter/Thunder #1.

Outsiders: Five Of A Kind: Metamorpho/Aquaman #1.

Outsiders: Five Of A Kind: Wonder Woman/Grace #1.


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