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Outsiders (3rd Series) #49

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Outsiders (3rd Series) #49

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(See Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day)

Regular monthly series that ran for 50 issues.

Outsiders (3rd Series)is almost completely unrelated to the previous series. It was launched in 2003 when a new team is put together in the wake of the Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day crossover which dissolves both groups. The series was cancelled with issue #50 and relaunched as Batman and the Outsiders (2nd Series) featuring a mix of current and new members.

This series has been collected in the following Trade Paper Backs:

Outsiders: Looking For Trouble (#1-7)

Outsiders: Sum Of All Evil (#8-15)

Outsiders: Wanted (#16-23)

Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders (# 24-25, 28)

Outsiders: Crisis Intervention (#29-33)

Outsiders: The Good Fight (#34-41)

Outsiders: Pay As You Go (#42-46)

Outsiders/Checkmate: Checkout (#47-49)

Outsiders: Five Of A Kind (#50, Outsiders: Five of a Kind #1-5)



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