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Murderers Of The World #1

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Murderers Of The World #1
"Murderers Of The World"


Touch One, Touch All!

Series Years:

Cover Date:

02 December 2015

On Sale Date:

12 April 2016



Comic Book




United States

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Story Synopsis:

Its 2052, and what was once the U.S. is now split into two separate territories: The revolutionary and free Peoples Democratic Territory, and an authoritarian theocracy and leftover remnant of the old society, the New Destiny Republic. The NDR refuses to give up its centuries old stranglehold on whatever it can gets its hands on, but the world has halted all expansion and has drastically reduced the NDR's influence and holdings across the world. This has prompted the NDR to scale back on its wars on the world and turn inward on the population stuck within its borders in order survive long enough to regroup for a push to re-conquer the world, which they believe is their manifest destiny. With an unfinished revolution by the PDT and their 10-18 Guerilla Warriors, and the NDR's plans to return to the glory of it's 'good old days' as a back drop, a serial killer has surfaced in the PDT and is taking the lives of children. Now the PDT is in a race to capture the killer and keep another child from being taken, while stopping NDR advances onto their liberated territory. What the PDT doesn't realize yet is that the killer isn't the traditional serial killer they've only read about, but holds the key to secrets that have implications that reach beyond our earth.

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Teen +


Modern Age

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