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Leave It to Binky #10

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Leave It to Binky #10

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(Becomes just 'Binky' from #72 on) (See also Binky; Binky's Buddies; Super DC Giant)

Ongoing series that started in February-March 1948 and ran for 60 issues finishing in 1958. The series was revived in June-July 1968 and continued the numbering of the original series.

With issue #72 (April-May 1970), the title was shortened to just Binky and the series ran until issue #81 (Oct.-Nov. 1971). A further issue, #82, was published in Summer 1977. Its success inspired the creation of a further spin-off title, Binky's Buddies, which began in January-February 1969 and ran for 12 issues until it was cancelled with #12 (Nov.-Dec. 1970). It was a teen-humor series in the same vein as the range of Archie Comics titles.



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