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Leading Comics #6

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Leading Comics #6

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Regular series that lasted for 77 issues. Some Price Guides list this title only to #41 whereupon they continue the numbering under a further title, 'Leading Screen Comics' with issues #42-77. Admittedly the word ""Screen"" appears in a small box across the main Leading Comics lettering for all of those issues but the covers had displayed the same box and ""Screen"" lettering from #34. To avoid any confusion all 77 issues have been listed under this one title.

Although this title is an important showcase for first appearances for some of DC's most long-lived ""second-tier"" super-heroes, from issue #14, the title becomes wholly devoted to ""funny"" animal stories such as King Oscar's Court, Nero Fox, Puss and Pooch and Peter Porkchops and Wolfie.



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