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Justice League Dark #23

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Justice League Dark #23

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In the last week of August 2011 DC brought their existing line of titles to an end and replaced them with a line of 52 first issues that takes place in a new post-Flashpoint universe.

Justice League Dark by writer Peter Milligan and artist Mikel Janin features the World's Greatest Supernatural Heroes, including John Constantine, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man and Madame Xanadu.

In common with other 'new 52' titles, the first issue sold out and a second printing #1 followed.

The series is collected in a number of Trade Paper Back collections:

Justice League Dark: In The Dark (#1-6)

Justice League Dark: The Books of Magic (#0,7-13 and Annual #1)

Justice League Dark: The Death of Magic (#14-21)

Justice League Dark: The Rebirth of Evil (#22-29)


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