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Journey Into Mystery (1st Series) #8

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Journey Into Mystery (1st Series) #8

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(See Thor 1st Series) (See Journey into Mystery 2nd Series).

The series ran uninterrupted between #1 (1952) and #125 1966. After #125 the title continued as Thor #126 (see Thor 1st Series) up to Thor #502. From Thor #502 the title reverted to Journey into Mystery #503 and ran for 19 issues until Journey into Mystery #521.

The series and numbering now continues from Thor #621 (see Thor 1st Series). Journey into Mystery (2nd Series) does not contain Thor or any related Thor stories but rather it is a series that continued the long history of horror and mystery comics that was started in this original Journey into Mystery series before Thor became the central character.

This long running title finall came to a close with the October 2013 issue #655.



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