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Jla: Justice for All

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Jla: Justice for All

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Trade Paperback (Graphic Novel Softcover)




United States

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Collector Notes:

The fifth of a series of 19 Trade Paper Back collections that reprint the JLA series. This collection reprints JLA #24-33.

The full list of collected editions is:

JLA: New Order (#1-4)

JLA: American Dreams (#5-9)

JLA: Rock of Ages (#10-15)

JLA: Strength In Numbers (#16-23)

JLA: Justice For All (#24-33)

JLA: World War III (#34-41)

JLA: Tower Of Babel (#42-46)

JLA: Divided We Fall (#47-54)

JLA: Terror Incognita (#55-60)

JLA: Golden Perfect (#61-65)

JLA: Obsidian Age Book One (#66-72)

JLA: Obsidian Age Book Two (#72-76)

JLA: Rules Of Engagement (#77-82)

JLA: Trial By Fire (#84-89)

JLA: The 10th Circle (#94-99)

JLA: Pain Of The Gods (#101-106)

JLA: Syndicate Rules (#107-114 and a story from JLA Secret Files 2004)

JLA: Crisis of Conscience (#115-119)

JLA: World Without a Justice League (#120-125)


Modern Age



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