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Guardians #1

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Guardians #1

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United States

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THEN: A group of neighborhood kids who make-believe that they're intergalactic super-heroes have a chance encounter with a real alien and help him in his time of need! Living out their childhood fantasies to the fullest, they tell the alien that they are the Guardians - appointed protectors of this planet - and that, should he need their help again, they'll be ready! NOW: It's been 14 years since their extra-terrestrial adventure, and the kids have grown up and moved on. Having given up their childhood dreams they are making an awkward transition to the adult world, working average jobs and living average lives... until the alien that they helped all those years ago returns to Earth, seeking the help of the ""Guardians"" once again! With the fate of the universe in their hands, it's up to these disillusioned 20-somethings to step up and save the very same world that tried to tell them they were crazy!


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Modern Age



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