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GalaXafreaks #4

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GalaXafreaks #4
"We Grew It In The Lab!"

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18 November 2015



Prestige Comic Book




United Kingdom

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Story Synopsis:

Deep inside a higgs boson particle lives a freak. It has been asleep since the dawn of existence. at utter peace within itself, it is held together with love.
Whilst it rests and snoozes vast and cosmic happenings pass within it's sub-atomic brain. Yes! This Spaceface creature is home to a whole cosmic universe within it's particle-noggin! Galaxies are born and die within a blink of a human eye....
So let's melt away and reform inside this cosmic arena and see what's up! For inside the tiny dude whole epic adventures await the brave!Dreams come and go, reality is in flux and anything is possible. C'mon, come with me and join the.....
This issue sees our heroes get in a right pickle fighting cosmic snot monster that grew from Optics junior science kit! Jeepers!!

Collector Notes:

32 page full colour freaky extravaganza! Printed on high quality silk stock and bound in a strong laminated cover, the product itself is of stellar quality and really allows the cosmic artwork to shine!
Limited print run 100 copies. All signed and numbered




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No Rating / Not Explicit


Modern Age

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