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Fantastic Four (1st Series) #10

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Fantastic Four (1st Series) #10

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The first and arguably greatest Marel super-hero team and issue #1 ushered in what is known as The Marvel Age of Comics.

Brilliantly scripted by Stan Lee and drawn in majestic style by Jack Kirby for the first hundred or so issues, the Fantastic Four remains one of Marvel's best back-issue sellers.

In the mid/late 1990's, Marvel re-launched their main titles from issue #1 again which causes all sorts of listing problems for historians like me! From Jan 1998 volume two of Fantastic Four appeared and lasted until #70 Aug 2003 when they realized many months before that issue #71 would in fact be 'old numbering' #500 (Aug 2003). So the title returned to its original numbering and all subsequent issues are listed under the first series entry here. And the same thing happened with the prospect of issue #600 which carrried on the old numbering as of Jan 2012.



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