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Fantastic Four (1st Series) #1

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Fantastic Four (1st Series) #1

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The first and arguably greatest Marel super-hero team and issue #1 ushered in what is known as The Marvel Age of Comics.

Brilliantly scripted by Stan Lee and drawn in majestic style by Jack Kirby for the first hundred or so issues, the Fantastic Four remains one of Marvel's best back-issue sellers.

#1 (Nov 1961) Origin and 1st appearance of The Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Girl, Human Torch). Jack Kirby cover and art. Generally regarded as the comic book that ushered in the Marvel Age of Comics. The UK variant edition has the exact same contents and cover as the American edition apart from the price and cover date and some distribution information in the indicia (a single line saying Distributed by Thorpe and Porter). As with all these early UK editions of Fantastic Four, the price circle (later price box) says 9d (ninepence) instead of 10c (ten cents) and the date box has no month (no Nov). All these comics were printed at the same time with the same paper stock but switching a different cover plate at the end of the print run. It was thought that up to 3-5% of the print run was UK variant editions. It could well be less than that, probably nearer to 2-3%.



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