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Ex Machina: Smoke Smoke #5

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Ex Machina: Smoke Smoke #5
"Vol. 5"

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United States

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The fifth of 10 Trade Paper Back collections that reprint the Ex Machina monthly series #1-50. The full reprint order is:

Vol. 1 Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days reprints #1-5.
Vol. 2 Ex Machina: Tag reprints #6-10.
Vol. 3 Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction reprints #11-16.
Vol. 4 Ex Machina: March to War reprints #17-20 and Ex Machina Special #1-2.
Vol. 5 Ex Machina: Smoke Smoke reprints #21-25.
Vol. 6 Ex Machina: Power Down reprints #26-29 and Ex Machina: Inside the Machine.
Vol. 7 Ex Machina: Ex Cathedra reprints #30-34.
Vol. 8 Ex Machina: Dirty Tricks reprints #35-39 and Ex Machina Special #3.
Vol. 9 Ex Machina: Ring Out the Old reprints #40-44 and Ex Machina Special #4.
Vol. 10 Ex Machina: Term Limits reprints #45-50.


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