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DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #16

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DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #16

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The DC 100 Page Super Spectacular series was the next wave of giants featuring reprint stories in DC's vast trove of tales during the 1971 rebirth of DC Comics, when the Superman titles were taken over by Julius Schwartz after the retirement of Mort Weisinger, who had overseen all Superman-related comics since the early 1950's. The first was the 80 pg. Giant, which ran as an annual and then alternately as its own title and as part of regular, ongoing titles throughout the 1960s. As page count dropped to accommodate the 25 cent price, they became simply Giant comics and were phased out a month or so prior to the appearance of the DC 100 Page Super Spectacular series.

The 100 Page count included both sides of the front and back covers as pages. All of the numbered issues appearing under this title featured beautiful wrap-around covers with all editorial content (no ads).

No issues #1-3. Becomes 100-Page Super Spectacular #14-22.

Numbers 7 to 13 are listed under the individual titles in which they appeared: 7 (Superman #245), 8 (Batman #238), 9 (Our Army at War #242), 10 (Adventure Comics #416), 11 (Flash #214), 12 (Superboy #185). 13 (Superman #252).


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