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Days to Come #1

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Days to Come #1


Jamie Davies Variant



Comic Book




United States

Additional Information

Story Synopsis:

"It feels like its been forever. I mean it's been what, Kevin? like 200 years? When it began, no one knew what to do. humans never really had a knack for getting along with each other and I figure it was inevitable. Of course, what do I know. The whole world was going in the shitter. Who knows who pushed the big red button first, but someone did."
Set in a dystopian future in the aftermath of "The Darkness"; a worldwide nuclear war. A group known as "The Objectors" hunts down members of The Hive, an organization run by Damien Bones set on retrieving a mysterious serum known as Formula X with regenerative properties. If Bones can harness Formula X and mass produce it as he intends to, he will breed an army to take over the known world.

Collector Notes:

Jamie Davies is a world famous tattoo artist who appeared on INK MASTERS!

This will be a VERY LIMITED run of 100 an Jamie Davies has 25 of them!


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