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Damian Son of Batman Deluxe Edition

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Damian Son of Batman Deluxe Edition

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Hardback (Graphic Novel)




United States

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Hardcover edition in DC's Deluxe format that collects the Damian Son of Batman Mini-Series #1-4 and Batman #666.

This book combines two separate (and unrelated) stories that feature Damian ceasing to be Robin and taking on the mantle of Batman. The standalone story is from Batman #666 and Morrisons usual charm is on full display. Damian considers himself a rather poor Batman, but relies on cunning and planning to carry the day. It is a futuristic tale that contains more than a few nods to the Batman mythos as a whole and Batman Beyond in particular.

The bulk of the book is taken up with all four collected issues of the Damian: Son of Batman mini-series, written and drawn by Andy Kubert years after Batman #666.


Modern Age



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