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Creature Commandos #8

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Creature Commandos #8

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(See Weird War Tales #93)

8 issue Mini-Series by writer Tim Truman and artist Scott Eaton.

The Creature Commandos are a fictional DC Comics team of military superhumans originally set in World War II. The original team was introduced in Weird War Tales #93 (November 1980).

The modern team first appeared in this Mini-Series. The new team of the Bogman, Aten the Mummy, Velcoro (a vampire-like creature), Patchwork (similar to Frankenstein's monster) and Wolfpack (a werewolf) were joined by a cyborg called Gunner. It was hinted that Gunner was from the Gunner & Sarge story from Our Fighting Forces #45 in May 1959. The new team was formed in time to stop an invasion from a parallel world.


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