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Catwoman (3rd Series) #6

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Catwoman (3rd Series) #6

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Regular monthly series.

One of DC's longest running characters got a makeover courtesy of writer Ed Brubaker and artist Darwyn Cooke as Catwoman was relaunched. Catwoman had already gone through several changes since her first appearance in Batman #1, but Brubaker's was one of the more dramatic. Her first solo series had ended after 94 issues in July 2001 with Catwoman's apparent death at the hands of Deathstroke, the Terminator. Since then, Selina Kyle had been keeping a low profile, with many believing her to be dead. The Trial of the Catwoman a back up series in Detective #759 - 762, had private investigator Slam Bradley searching for proof that Catwoman was alive. Kyle visited Bradley to explain her actions and urge him not to reveal the fact that she had faked her own death.

The new series started a short time after and had Selina going through some major changes.

The series is collected in 9 Trade Paper Back collections:

Catwoman (3rd Series): The Dark End of the Street (#1-4, Detective Comics #759-762)

Catwoman (3rd Series): Crooked Little Town (#5-10, Catwoman Secret Files and Origins #1)

Catwoman (3rd Series): Relentless (#12-19)

Catwoman (3rd Series): Wild Ride (#20-24)

Catwoman (3rd Series): The Repalcements (#53-58)

Catwoman (3rd Series): It's Only A Movie (#59-65)

Catwoman (3rd Series): Catwoman Dies (#66-72)

Catwoman (3rd Series): Crime Pays (#73-77)

Catwoman (3rd Series): The Long Road Home (#78-82)

A further set of Trade Paper Backs, each with a much larger page count, have been published and look like collecting the ENTIRE run of this series:

Catwoman (3rd Series): Trail of the Catwoman (#1-9, Catwoman: Selina's Big Score, Detective Comics #759-762)

Catwoman (3rd Series): No Easy Way Down (#10-24, Catwoman Secret Files and Origins #1)

Catwoman (3rd Series): Under Pressure (#25-37)



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