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Captain Marvel Adventures (Reprints) #66

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United Kingdom

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The character began with reprint material from the US comics sometime in 1944 and the first issue was number 54. A few more issues followed numbered #55-58 and they all had 16 pages.

Then came a letterpress edition with no number followed by a larger format gravure edition which may have as yet unrecorded variations.

Then came the first main series in June 1950 beginning with issue #50 and it ran until issue #84 as a monthly publication. The issues variously had 28, 32 or 36 pages.

Then came the second main series numbered Vol 1 No 1 in August 1953 which ran 24 issues until Janury 1954. It was a weekly 28 page comic.

Marvelman then replaced Captain Marvel Adventures with issue #25 owing to a legal dispute between the Captain Marvel's US publisher Fawcett and the National Periodical Publications/DC, the latter accusing the former of plagiarism.

Fawcett settled out of court and the Captain Marvel title ceased publication. And so did the British reprints.



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