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Captain America (7th Series) #1

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Captain America (7th Series) #1

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Original Front Cover Doubleu80 Contact Near Mint (9.4) bagged and boarded. Not read. 3.00 GBP
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From: Netherlands
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Marvel NOW! begins here for Captain America. Writer Rick Remender and artist John Romita Jr come on board to take Cap in a new direction, starting with a trip to Dimension Z.

The series is continued from both Captain America and Black Widow (which followed the numbering of the original Captain America series) and Captain America (6th Series).

The series is collected in a number of Hardcover and Trade Paper Back collections:

Captain America (7th Series): Castaway in Dimension Z (#1-5)

Captain America (7th Series): Castaway in Dimension Z Book 2 (#6-10)

Captain America (7th Series): Loose Nuke (#11-15)

Captain America (7th Series): The Iron Nail (#16-21)



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