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Batman: the Dark Knight (2nd Series) #2

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Batman: the Dark Knight (2nd Series) #2

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In the last week of August 2011 DC brought their existing line of titles to an end and replaced them with a line of 52 first issues that takes place in a new post-Flashpoint universe.

After the Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne storyline, Batman: The Dark Knight is one of two new on-going titles (Batman being the other) that features Bruce Wayne as Batman.

In common with the other 'new 52' first issues, this sold out quickly and a second printing #1 soon followed. The title was cancelled with issue #29.

The series is collected in a number of Hardcover and Trade Paper Back collections:

Batman: The Dark Knight: Knight Terrors (#1-9)

Batman: The Dark Knight: Cycle of Violence (#0,10-15)

Batman: The Dark Knight: Mad (#16-21, Annual #1)

Batman: The Dark Knight: Clay (#22-29)


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