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Batman Eternal #16

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Batman Eternal #16

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(See Batman (2nd Series) #28)

The New 52's first weekly series starring Batman and his large cast of supporting characters, both friend and foe.

Announced in October 2013, Batman Eternal is the first of numerous weekly titles to be published in The New 52 continuity. Spanning over a year, the series plans to tell an all-encompassing game changer of a story that not only includes Batman and his well known supporting cast, but many of the obscure, lesser known characters, as well as reintroducing some characters into New 52 continuity for the first time, most notably the fan-favorite Stephanie Brown. Prior to release, readers were given a taste of what as to come in Eternal with the flash-forward issue, Batman #28 - Gotham Eternal, which showed Gotham under martial law as well as new roles from characters such as Harper Row and Catwoman.


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