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Batman and Robin #1

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Batman and Robin #1

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Batman and Robin was an ongoing titled that focused on the adventures of Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) which ran for 26 issues.

The series commences in the aftermath of the events of Battle for the Cowl, in which Dick Grayson reluctantly takes the cape and cowl, and with it the duties of his former mentor, Batman. Batman and Robin serves as the lead title in the Bat-continuity during the period in which Bruce Wayne is trapped in time as a result of Darkseids Omega Effect (see Final Crisis).

Batman and Robin focuses on the intricacies of the newly-formed Dynamic Duo, with Dick Grayson establishing himself as a new kind of Dark Knight drawing upon his outgoing personality and gymnastics background, and with the volatile and tempestuous Damian adapting to his new crime-fighting persona, following an upbringing within Ra's Al Ghul's League of Shadows.

The series innovates in the other ways, with the debut of a new, flying Batmobile and the first full storylines illuminating Morrison's additions to Gotham's rogue gallery, including the grotesque Professor Pyg and the killer known as the Flamingo.

The series is reprinted in a number of Hardcover and Trade Paper Back collections:

Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn (#1-6)

Batman and Robin: Batman vs. Robin (#7-12)

Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die! (#13-16 and Batman: The Return)

Batman and Robin: Dark Knight vs. White Knight (17-25)

Grant Morrison's run has also been collected in an Absolute Edition, Absolute Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn.


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