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Batgirl (3rd Series) #2

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Batgirl (3rd Series) #2

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In the last week of August 2011 DC brought their existing line of titles to an end and replaced them with a line of 52 first issues that takes place in a new post-Flashpoint universe.

This title sees the launch of the new DCU Batgirl with Barbara Gordon resuming her role as Batgirl. Batgirl is the first title to see the popular character appear in her own monthly. Controversy surrounded this title when writer Gail Simone was fired via email only to be reinstated two weeks later after considerable fan outrage.

This was one of the more popular 'new 52' titles and sold out quickly so a 2nd and 3rd printing of #1 followed very shortly afterwards.

The series is collected in a series of Hardcover and Trade Paper Back collections:

Batgirl (3rd Series): The Darkest Reflection (#1-6)

Batgirl (3rd Series): Knightfall Descends (#0,7-13)

Batgirl (3rd Series): Death of the Family (#14-19, Annual #1, Batman #17, Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine's Day Special #1)

Batgirl (3rd Series): Wanted (#20-26, Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1)


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