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American Vampire #1

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American Vampire #1

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American Vampire was launched from Vertigo as a creator-owned ongoing series in 2010. Created by Scott Snyder with artist Rafael Albuquerque. The author, Stephen King was slotted to write an introduction to the series but he chose to write the origin story of the title's back-up feature, Skinner Sweet.

At New York Comic Con 2012 Snyder announced that following the conclusion of the Blacklist arc, after December's issue #34, the title would go on a temporary hiatus. The title is planned to resume publication in late 2013. During the hiatus, a special one shot starring vampire hunter Travis Kidd titled American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell would be released.

The series is collected in a number of Hardcover and Trade Paper Back collections:

Vol. 1 reprints American Vampire #1-5.

Vol. 2 reprints American Vampire #6-11.

Vol. 3 reprints American Vampire #12-18 and American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1-5.

Vol. 4 reprints American Vampire #19-27.

Vol. 5 reprints American Vampire #28-34 and American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #1-5.

Vol. 6 reprints American Vampire Anthology #1 and American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell #1.

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