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All-Star Squadron #61

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All-Star Squadron #61

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(See Justice League of America #193; All Star Comics)

The All-Star Squadron is a DC superhero team that debuted in Justice League of America #193 (August 1981). The new team was launched in its own series the following month and was created by Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler and Jerry Ordway.

All-Star Squadron #1 contains An Open Letter to the Readers written by Roy Thomas. Thomas describes the idea for the series, namely, DC wanted a comic book telling tales of the ;Justice Society of America. The last series to do so was All-Star Comics, which lasted only seventeen issues, finishing in 1979. Instead of writing stories in the modern era, however, Thomas decided to place the tales during World War Two. The setting would be DC's Earth Two, a parallel universe to the mainstream DC continuity established during the 1960s. The cast of characters, however, would include a large ensemble of heroes from both the DC stable and the Quality Comics Group (which had been purchased by DC).

#47 features an example of Todd McFarlane's early work, pre his classic run on Spider-Man.


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